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Small Business Cash Advance

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Service Description

This product is often used to finance small and medium businesses doing more than $10,000 in monthly revenue. Requirements: 6 months in business, 3 months bank statements with minimum of $10,000 revenue, less than 5 negative days. Other stipulations may apply. A short-term working capital loan is a type of loan that businesses use to cover short-term expenses, such as payroll, inventory, and utilities. These loans are typically repaid over a period of 12 months or less. There are several benefits to using a short-term working capital loan, including: Speed: Working capital loans can be approved and disbursed quickly, so businesses can get the funds they need quickly. Flexibility: Working capital loans can be used for a variety of purposes, so businesses can use them to cover unexpected expenses or to grow their business. Affordability: Working capital loans are typically more affordable than other forms of financing, such as credit cards or lines of credit. Interest: Working capital loans typically carry high interest rates, so businesses will need to factor that into their budget. Repayment: Businesses will need to repay the loan plus interest within the specified period of time. Overall, a short-term working capital loan can be a helpful tool for businesses that need to cover short-term expenses or grow their business. However, businesses should carefully consider the risks and benefits before taking out a loan.

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