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Monumental Funding Solutions

Business Funding for Business Owners


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Business Funding for any industry that can be used for any business purpose


A Business Term Loan is a Business Loan that is deposited into a business checking account and paid back Semi-weekly or Monthly. NO DAILY PAY!

A Business Line of Credit is an approved amount of up to $250,000 that allows a business to pull out money as needed and only pay a very small fee on that amount. Example: The business owner is approved for $80,000 and only needs $20,000 at the moment. $20,000 is used and a 1.5% fee is paid on the balance until the balance is paid back in full on a 12-24 months term. If that same business owner wants to access another $10,000-60,000 they can do so as needed! A truly exceptional option!


Monumental Funding Solutions has teamed up with the best of the best in our industry and can now bring you the best solution for your business, completely hassle-free.


We have always tried to keep our fees minimal and our products superior to others. Now we are able to do that even more with a Term Loan and Line of Credit that has not been available at all to business owners until now. We fought hard to get this done for you so take advantage while you can. 

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