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Working Capital - The Blood of Business

When asked "What do you think is the life of your business?" Most will answer "customers". My next question would be well what about the start-ups and other small businesses operating that have customers spending money with them daily but are losing money? Successful business needs working capital like it needs a good business structure, great product and like the human body needs blood. Customers are the final result of having these items placed correctly along with the ability to let them know you exist and will take good care of them.

Cash flow and cash on-hand are vital to staying ahead of the curve. Every successful company needs to have cash on hand to be prepared for the unexpected. Companies may go belly-up from having customers and accounts receivables they never see. There are so many variables that could lead to closing the doors of your business; While money should never be the reason, it most often is for business owners not prepared for the unexpected or business owners expecting receivables that never come in.

Access to working capital has been a long time challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, alternative lending is seeing all-time highs in lending options for borrowers if you know where to look. This means people have access to cash they have never had before with approval rates soaring through the roof. Just like your relationship with your customer is important, so is your relationship with your lender or financial institution willing to provide you with the relief you may need. You may need to establish a relationship with a lender that can see the potential in your business that you do in order to grow that relationship and your business.

This could often take days, weeks or longer to narrow down the right option. There is a saying that most people settle for the third place they shop, not because it is the best fit for them or the right product, but mostly because they are tired of shopping. There are some great companies out there that do the leg work for you and match you up with the right fit for your needs and stage of business. Not a "one-size fits all" process or setting but a personalized one will make all the difference in finding you the best options for you.

You can find working capital for anything these days including secured & unsecured business loan, personal loan, line of credit, credit card, real estate fix and flip, real estate rental, real estate purchase and so many more financing options. There are institutions that focus on one product and have unbelievable options for business owners and entrepreneurs. We also just received notifications from our industry leading partners informing us of product changes favorable to the borrower like lower score minimum requirements and huge rate drops on certain products that we look forward to passing along to our current and future clients.

The best thing a business owner can do is develop a great long-lasting relationship with someone who has access to unlimited amounts of capital to ensure longevity and cement their place in their respective industry.

Small business loan approvals hit record highs.

Monumental Funding Solutions - Leading provider for working capital alternative loan options for Business Loan, Line of Credit, Credit Card, Rental Loan, Fix and Flip Loan, Refinance/New Construction, and Invoice Factoring with options that beat conventional lending rates and can give you access to funding within 24 hours.

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