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Working Capital for Business Owners

Faster Than Banks, Friendlier Than Paperwork. Working Capital Simplified.

Business Loan Line of Credit Commercial Real Estate Cash Out Refinance Purchase New Constr

Business Loan &
Line of Credit

Alternative business loans and lines of credit provide working capital for businesses doing $100,000 annual revenue with only a short application and three months' bank statements. Businesses can receive funding as quickly as 48 hours. 

These are non-bank alternative loans up to $2 Million that require fewer documents than going into most traditional banks. Rates are as low as 1.8% and terms are up to 48 months.



Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate solutions include DSCR Rental purchase and rehab budget, Fix and Flip purchase and rehab budget, Build-to-Rent New Construction, Commercial Bridge Loan, Commercial Hard Money, and Commercial Refinancing. This can be used to purchase, refinance, cash out, and more.

These are non-bank commercial working capital solutions that require fewer documents than going into most conventional banks. Rates are as low as 7% and 30 years, including up to 10 years interest-only.

What is Monumental Funding Solutions

Business FinTech and Business Management Firm, specializing in connecting businesses to working capital, marketing, and more. This includes alternative working capital, lines of credit, and commercial real estate for land, investment homes, branding, and marketing.

Our easy online application process makes it straightforward to get your business working capital quickly.

Monumental Funding Solutions is known for superior customer support and excellent business solutions. Our alternative working capital solutions provide capital for just about any business purpose, providing flexibility for every business model.


If you are looking for a new relationship with an alternative working capital provider look no further than Monumental Funding Solutions, this includes including term loans, lines of credit, rental/multifamily purchase/refinance, fix and flip purchases, new construction, or cash-out refinancing.

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How to Get Access to Working Capital
  1. Quick and Easy Online Application.

  2. Your Application is Reviewed.

  3. Terms Are Accepted.

  4. Funded! 

No in-person visit, no tax returns, no hassle.

What Are The Business Eligibility Requirements?
  • US Citizen (Foreign National ok)

  • Must be Operating a Business for a minimum of 6 months

  • $10,000/mo in revenue

  • Must have a Business Checking Account

How Can You Benefit With Monumental Funding Solutions
  • Fast and Easy Application

  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

  • Online Account Management

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Flexible Terms

  • Competitive Interest Rates

  • Variety of Repayment Options

  • Funds Available Quickly

We are not Loan Brokers and will not advise consumer/residential credit, loans, or other consumer-related investments. We may be paid by our partners for referring you to them. Please be sure that you understand all terms and conditions. We will never sell any of your information. Monumental Funding Solutions uses strict rules to adhere to all related commercial working capital compliance. Other conditions may apply*

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